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Old Dog Lacrosse

Columbus, Ohio
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 Who are we?


Old Dogs Lacrosse is a group of men, primarily age 40+, from the entire Columbus metro area who gather to honor the game of lacrosse in the manner of those first given the game.


Intra-Pack Games


Old Dogs Lacrosse targets players of men's lacrosse who are age 35+.  We are not a league; we meet to play and enjoy the game of lacrosse whereupon we divide ourselves into teams. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.


We play year round. Our outdoor schedule runs from approximately Easter to Halloween with the remainder of the year being our indoor schedule. Outdoor play is in the Upper Arlington area.


The Old Dogs welcome younger players who share and adopt Old Dog philosophies and spirit of play. If you wish to be considered to join and play with Old Dogs Lacrosse, please contact us. We do request that you not just show up to play, please contact us first.


Thursdays are more open for Old Dog and Young Pup play; look in the "Games" tab for more information. This is not just "open nets"; adherence to Old Dog philosophies and protocols are required.


Inter-Team Games

Old Dogs Lacrosse seeks play with other masters-level and grand masters-level lacrosse groups who share our objectives. Doing so will strengthen us as individuals, as teams, and the lacrosse community as a whole.


Old Dogs Lacrosse is a growing and expanding organization. We will be open to playing opportunities that honor the game with groups that of comparable age, skill, and philosophy. We may occasionally play teams outside our level, but only with full knowledge of what we are getting into.

Old Dogs Lacrosse has members who occasionally play in masters(35+), grand masters (45+), super grand masters (52+) and ultra grand masters (55+) divisions of tournaments.